Solutions for the Pulp & Paper Industry

In November of 2001, EnviroCare entered into a strategic alliance with Andritz North America, based in Roswell, Georgia to supply our scrubber to the pulp and paper industry. Andritz's process experience coupled with EnviroCare's experience in pollution control devices makes for a perfect partnership.

EnviroCare's customed designed MicroMist Scrubbers are a perfect solution to the increasingly stringent air quality mandates being imposed on pulp and paper mills. MACT II guidelines are being enforced and existing scrubbers are having a more difficult time performing under these emission standards.

There are numerous emission points in a pulp mill where scrubbers are applied:

  • Lime kilns
  • Recovery boilers
  • Dissolving Tank Vent Scrubbers (DTVS)
  • Non Condensable Gas (NCG) Incinerators
  • Power Boilers
  • Slakers

Scrubbers in pulp mills are orifice or traditional venturi types which rely on fan energy to create pressure drop and scrubbing action. If additional particulate removal is needed, then a larger fan is purchased. EnviroCare's approach focuses on our nozzle technology to achieve an optimum liquid/gas interface.

Pulp and Paper Industry Pollution Solutions



  • Over 800 installations worldwide
  • Water flows up to 440 gpm (100 m3/hr)
  • Complete spray tower design and supply
  • Dozens of nozzle options

Customer Focus

  • Upgrade or new installations
  • Broad knowledge of dust collectors