Solutions for the Steel Industry

Steel manufacturers generate large volumes of hot, dirty gases which need to be cooled prior to dedusting. BOF's (Basic Oxygen Furnace) and EAF's (Electric Arc Furnace) produce temperatures in the 3300 F (1800 C) range which must be cooled prior to dedusting by a traditional dry ESP or fabric filter. EnviroCare's fast response controls and heavy duty spray systems are well suited for this harsh environment. Applications injecting upwards of 1000 gpm (225 m3/hr) have been installed in BOF's to control the temperature entering the ESP to 300 F (150 C). Fast response is key in these applications as the inlet temperature rise is abrupt.

Similarly, wet venturi scrubbers are used in the steel manufacturing for particulate removal. As regulations become tighter, older traditional venturi scrubbers have a very difficult time meeting requirements. The past solution has been to install a larger fan to create additional pressure drop. With this approach, you are not solving the problem, just treating the symptom. Adding a larger fan for the large gas volumes typically being treated is a large cost, both capital and operating.

EnviroCare's MicroMist Venturi scrubber can meet future emission targets while operating at lower pressure drop (typically in the 15-20" w.c. range) Envirocare also offers options to modify the existing venturi to increase collection efficiency with minimal work stoppage.

Steel Industry Pollution Solutions



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Steel Industry Pollution Solutions