Advanced Venturi Scrubber

The MicroMist Scrubber is Superior to a Conventional Venturi Scrubber

Because conventional scrubber designs were developed at a time when little attention was given to the smaller sized particulate and when the harmful nature of gaseous emissions was little understood, it is no wonder they exhibit low efficiencies in the control of these pollutants. Conventional Venturi scrubber designs are deficient in three major areas: collection, turndown and energy efficiency.

First, the Venturi, the primary particulate removal device, comes before the condensing section, allowing condensables to transform into submicron aerosols after they have passed through the primary collection mechanism.

Second, because Venturi scrubbers rely on high differential energy related to gas velocity for collection of particulate, variations in the gas flow affect particle collection efficiency.

Third, inefficient Venturi geometries limit the energy recovery potential of converting velocity pressure back to static pressure.

The MicroMist Scrubber addresses the deficiencies of the conventional Venturi scrubber by dealing with its basic design flaws. The result is a patented technology that exhibits high collection efficiency on submicron particulate and condensables, with high turndown capabilities and excellent energy recovery.