Reduce filterable and condensible fractions of PM, oil-based aerosols, and so much more

The MicroMist Scrubber technology has been successfully applied to extremely difficult dryer and smoker processes in the Food and Beverage industry.

We’ve successfully reduced filterable and condensible fractions of PM (Including PM2.5).

Our atomization technology allows for significant reduction in oil-based aerosols, mists, and smoke while improving stack opacity.

The MicroMist Scrubber can also eliminate acid gases and protect downstream investments including RTO’s from excessive maintenance outages.

Proven Performance

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Easy Retrofit/Minimal Outage Time
  • Lower Equipment Cost
  • High Efficiency on Submicron Particulate
  • Acid Gas Control
  • Maximum Collection of Condensables
  • Stable Fan Draft Control
  • Minimal Waste Stream Effluent