Proven Process Advancements for Abatement of Reactive Plumes and Reduction of SO2

The MicroMist ML micro-fine lime semi-dry injection system is a proven, cost-effective SO2 removal and reactive plume abatement technology. The patented MicroMist ML system, has been shown to reduce SO2 by more than 90 percent while eliminating the secondary plume resulting from the condensation and reaction of chemicals in the gas stream after leaving the stack.

While many plants have shown they can achieve opacity and mass emission particulate limits, a secondary or “reactive plume” can form after release to atmosphere leading to a violation of ambient opacity and visibility limits. This is the case for many pyro-processing applications where reactive chemicals are a by-product of combustion or are present in unstable forms in the raw materials.

Benefits of MicroMist ML Micro-fine Lime Injection System

  • Proven SO2 emissions reduction and compliance
  • Abatement of secondary or reactive plume
  • Low capital costs
  • Low energy consumption
  • Excellent once-through sorbent utilization
  • No slurry recirculation
  • Easily retrofitted in existing GCT with no plant downtime to install

EnviroCare’s Expertise

  • Easily integrated with MicroMist Evaporative Gas Conditioning
  • Ability to increase/decrease removal as conditions dictate
  • Low capital cost versus other technologies
  • Pilot equipment available
  • Variety of sorbent options
  • Broad knowledge of process chemistry