An Efficient, Precision-Engineered Acoustic Horn System for Dust Removal.

EnviroCare horns are engineered to provide the best overall performance and longest diaphragm life of any acoustic horn on the market.

Our acoustic horn experience is second to none. In the early 1980s EnviroCare was responsible for rejuvenating the market for acoustic horns. We were the first to engineer the application of sound energy to enhance cleaning of reverse air fabric filters. Prior to the introduction of the AH Series Horn, sound energy was randomly applied with mixed results.

We remain the leader in custom-engineered acoustic solutions. In addition to our AH-20 and AH-30 Series horns, we design and manufacture horn bells tailored to specific applications.

Our application list includes reverse air fabric filters, electrostatic precipitators, spray towers, silo and bins, heat exchangers, fan housings, and multiclone collectors.

How Our Acoustic Horns Work

AH Series Acoustic Horns are engineered devices that produce high pressure sound energy at low frequencies (80-160 Hz). A corrosion resistant diaphragm cycles to create pressure pulses that pass into the unique horn bell for amplification. The design of the horn bell determines the low frequency power level.

The AH Series Acoustic Horns emit a sound pressure wave with sufficient energy to shear dust deposits from surrounding surfaces. The high intensity sound waves penetrate the deposits of dust and the induced vibrations break it loose. This cleaning method causes no structural damage to concrete, steel, fabric or refractory lined applications. Because the intensity required for cleaning varies from application to application, EnviroCare offers horns with a variety of base frequencies and power ratings.


In most applications the horns operate for a few seconds intermittently. EnviroCare offers a complete range of control options, ranging from manual ball valves to PLCs with a full range of adjustments.

EnviroCare’s Expertise

  • 25+ years experience
  • Dust collector operation
  • Rugged design
  • Cost savings
  • Multiple uses
  • Reduces maintenance

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