State of the art Advanced Wet Scrubber Technology

A true all-in-one pollution control device, the patented MicroMist Scrubber is an advanced wet scrubber technology developed and applied by experienced process engineers. The MicroMist Scrubber removes submicron particulates, condensables including trace metals, and soluble gases while reducing liquid effluent waste streams. We can eliminate the need for multiple pollution control devices such as a dry ESP followed by a wet scrubber for acid gases.

The MicroMist Scrubber was specifically designed to collect submicron particulate at very high efficiencies with low energy input. The MicroMist Scrubber improves upon the original design concepts of a traditional Venturi scrubber by optimizing the sequence of the scrubbing stages inside the vessel. The MicroMist Scrubber is collection of novel gas cleaning devices staged in series and in various combinations to achieve specific emission requirements for each customer.

In addition to superior performance compared to high-energy traditional Venturi scrubbers, the MicroMist Scrubber does not require the same routine maintenance many traditional Venturi scrubbers experience. We can retrofit your existing Venturi scrubber into a MicroMist Scrubber using the same footprint. Let us show you how the MicroMist Scrubber can permanently eliminate the Venturi throat erosion issues and the constant maintenance attention.


  • Harsh process conditions
  • Low pressure drop, high efficiency
  • Meets boiler MACT, SSI MACT 129, and CISWI regulations
  • Numerous nozzle options including sizes and metallurgy
  • Customer Focus
  • Upgrade or new installations
  • Maintains consistent process draft
  • Minimal maintenance
  • MACT and BACT designations

Benefits of MicroMist Scrubbers

  • Proven Performance
  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Easy Retrofit/Minimal Outage Time
  • Lower Equipment Cost
  • High Efficiency on Submicron Particulate
  • Acid Gas Control
  • Maximum Collection of Condensables
  • Stable Fan Draft Control
  • Minimal Waste Stream Effluent

MicroMist Scrubber Typical Efficiencies

  • Particulate >99.5%
  • Condensables 99%
  • Heavy Metals 95-99+%
  • Acid Gases >99%