Scalable Scrubber Solutions Designed for Each Different Class of Vessel

MicroMist Marine is a new family of technologically-advanced, lower cost ship scrubber systems. We offer scalable scrubber solutions that are designed for each different class of vessel, while maintaining the same underlying patented scrubber technology pioneered by EnviroCare over the last 30 years. EnviroCare is the scrubber expert, addressing market requirements. Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) are our specialty.

Applying a customized approach to configuring the scrubbers, we create economical designs that address all potential maritime environmental regulations. While current regulations mainly focus on NOx and SO2MicroMist Marine Scrubbers can also address particulate matter, acid mist, and visible plumes. Our scrubbers are compatible with all other shipboard systems, and include built in automation hookups for plug and play operational monitoring.

MicroMist Marine Flexibility:

  • MicroMist Marine Scrubbers offer a fully configurable architecture
  • Fuel flexibility
  • Run in open loop, closed loop, and hybrid modes, as required
  • Compatible with all engines and NOx reduction systems
  • Small footprint
  • Lower CAPEX and OPEX
  • Reduced waste water storage space and weight
  • Scalable solutions for all vessel classes
  • Technology yielding positive business cases versus higher cost fuels
  • Future Proof Technology that cost effectively goes beyond today’s regulatory requirements
  • Handles single and multi engine exhaust gas, plus marine waste incinerators
  • Fit for purpose engineered solutions that are robust and reliable
  • Unique project management assures customer satisfaction

How our Technology Works

Quench Stage
Gases are quenched to saturation, eliminating the bulk of the large particulates. Recycling of alkali solution significantly reduces acid gases including SO2.

Atomization Stage
Aerosols and particulates are induced into negative pressure flow fields formed by unique HydroMist™ nozzles. Atomization provides a large surface area for liquid-to-gas contact; improving SO2 absorption. Optimum scrubber droplet size is generated for submicron particulate collection.

Jet Venturi Stage
A highly efficient Jet Venturi stage removes remaining acid gases while removing large particulate and some submicron particulates generating a draft at the same time. This option is available for customers who require visible plume reduction without any pressure loss in the scrubber or back pressure on the engine.

MicroMist (MMV) Stage
Ultra efficient MMV stage removes remaining acid gases while removing virtually all particulates including submicron particulates with ultra high efficiencies. This is the choice for ship owners and operators who want to completely eliminate a visible plume and provide the ultimate pollution control solution that will meet current IMO regulations and expected, more stringent particulate limits in the future.

Separation Stage
High efficiency separator stage removes dirty droplets with collected particulates from the exhaust gases.

Mercury Reduction & SO2 Polishing Stage
Using novel Sorbent Polymer Composite (SPC) materials, EnviroCare can include mercury reduction and SO2 polishing capabilities with reduced water consumption as part of the scrubber design. This low pressure drop stage optimizes fuel flexibility and provides scrubber options tailored to special requirements.