EnviroCare MercuryPak Scrubber for New Source SSI Projects

EnviroCare MercuryPak Scrubber for New Source SSI Mercury Control Projects

MercuryPak Scrubber History

EnviroCare has been developing mercury control technology and solutions together with our partner W.L. Gore for the sewage sludge incineration (SSI) market since 2013. This was in response to the EPA adopting more stringent emission control requirements for fluidized bed incinerators and multiple hearth furnaces. Our MercuryPak scrubber using Sorbent Polymer Catalyst (SPC) media was pilot tested at multiple municipal facilities successfully and adopted for full scale installations all across North America. Since 2014, commercially available systems were designed and installed on systems that were required to meet ‘existing source’ FBI emission limits as required by code of federal regulations (40 CFR part 62 subpart LLL).

European BREF – BAT Technology

In 2019, based on EnviroCare International’s successful USA installations, the European BREF listed SPC mercury control modules as Best Available Techniques for mercury control.

‘New Source’ Mercury Control

SPC systems are available for SSI installations that fall under ‘new source’ emission requirements. SPC mercury control systems used for new source SSI projects is the same technology used successfully for the past 10 years. It is an activated carbon based technology that combines carbon with proprietary chemistry in a PTFE structure.  The technology modernizes the concept of the activated carbon bed and offers many advantages including easier sorbent changeout without the complicated and messy process of changing vessels full of carbon pellets. The system operates in a saturated flue gas environment which eliminates the capital expense of heat exchangers and startup heaters/blowers and has a low pressure drop that reduces the parasitic fan power requirement. Since carbon is a major component of the SPC mercury modules the system can remove many of the same pollutants activated carbon beds target including dioxin/furans and hazardous organics that may have emission limits specified for a new project. Testing on full scale systems have shown compliance with new source dioxin/furan limits on a TMB and/or TEQ basis.

We look forward to this phase of the SPC mercury scrubber application and working with you on your next ‘new source’ SSI project.

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Marcel Pomerleau, VP-Sales

EnviroCare International