EnviroCare to Provide New Air Pollution Control Equipment to Duffin Creek WPCP

New Pollution Control Equipment to Duffin Creek WPCP

The Duffin Creek Water Pollution Control Plant in Pickering, Ontario is replacing decades old incinerators with new fluidized bed incinerators manufactured by Suez. Each new incinerator will burn up to 105 metric dry tons of de-watered sewage sludge. Suez has contracted with EnviroCare International to provide new state of the art air pollution control equipment. The equipment consists of the VenturiPak wet scrubber and MercuryPak scrubber to meet required stack emissions for each new incinerator.

The VenturiPak scrubber will replace old traditional Venturi scrubber technology and is designed to remove particulate,  SO2, HCl, and heavy metals including lead and cadmium. The MercuryPak scrubber uses Sorbent Polymer Catalyst designed and manufactured by W.L. Gore to remove elemental and remaining oxidized mercury.

Engineering of the new equipment has commenced with equipment delivery expected by April 2025. EnviroCare previously supplied the VenturiPak Scrubber and MercuryPak Scrubber on lines 3 and 4. The wet scrubbers were commissioned in 2010 while the mercury scrubbers were recently commissioned in 2021.