Enhance Wastewater Treatment Processes and Reduce Scum Handling, Disposal and Hauling Costs

EnviroCare’s Saracco Scum Concentrator is designed to enhance wastewater treatment processes and reduce scum handling, disposal and hauling costs. Saracco Scum Concentrators assure better BOD5 and SS capture, more efficient digester utilization and less costly incinerator operation. Drier scum concentrations slash hauling costs, too. Water removed in the process doesn’t have to be hauled away. Moreover, regulations prevent dumping dilute scum.

Units are pre-engineered for ease of installation and easily fit into virtually any wastewater treatment flow sheet.

Reduces Disposal Costs
Scum concentration significantly lowers handling and disposal costs by reducing scum weight and volume.

Improves Digester Performance
Scum concentration reduces liquid flow to digesters resulting in recovery of digester volume or reducing capacity required for new construction. Increased sludge concentration results in improved digestion.

Reduces Incinerator Fuel Costs
Concentrated scum is a highly effective supplemental fuel for incinerators, reducing the need for more expensive fuel.

Low Installation Costs
Rugged, pre-engineered units are shop assembled for easy installation.

Flexible Design
Offered in a variety of standard sizes for your specific treatment needs. Custom units are also available.

Easy to Operate and Maintain
Push-button control and easy-to-reach components and mechanical adjustments require minimal operator attention.

EnviroCare’s Expertise

  • Over 100 Installations
  • Proven Success Over 30 Years
  • Regional representation across the United States
  • Optional Design Features
  • Low Maintenance

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