EnviroCare Upgrades 20 Year Old VenturiPak Scrubber

EnviroCare Upgrades an Original VenturiPak Scrubber

The RM Clayton WWTP in Atlanta GA is undergoing the first of two original EnviroCare VenturiPak Scrubber renovations after over 20 years of service. The facility operates two mono-incineration systems (Multiple Hearth Furnaces) that incinerate 100% de-watered municipal sewage sludge. The scrubber upgrade consists of an EnviroCare modernization package with a new fully hydraulic atomizing system for the Venturi stage which eliminates the need for compressed air. There is also a control system upgrade to better control and monitor the VenturiPak Scrubber.  The installation of the EnviroCare upgrades are being provided by Industrial Furnace Company of Rochester NY. The scrubber system has always been in compliance with old and newly enforced sewage sludge incineration emission regulations.

Emissions for the upgraded VenturiPak Scrubber system will continue to comply with all Federal and State sewage sludge incineration emission requirements. To learn more about our advanced scrubber technology, visit VenturiPak Scrubber.