EnviroCare is now serving the Maritime industry by helping ship owners comply with new pollution control standards including IMO, EPA, CARB and other relevant regulations.  EnviroCare is ready to get you in compliance today!  Download our MicroMist Marine Scrubber information.

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For 30 years, EnviroCare International has designed and manufactured pollution control systems across a wide range of industrial and municipal applications for clients worldwide. Each of our over 1,000 installations is custom engineered and fabricated to meet the exact specifications of our clients and their individual applications.

We offer advanced solutions to the increasingly stringent pollution control standards including the Boiler MACT standard, Cement MACT standard, and the new Sewage Sludge Incinerator regulations. Through continuous research and development, we are expanding our product line with innovative technology to meet current and future pollution control standards. Browse through our products to learn more about our technology.

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EnviroCare News

New! MicroMist Marine Scrubber for the Shipping Industry
New regulatory compliance for the shipping industry requires state of the art technology for SO2 and PM
2.5 reduction.

Fertilizer Industry
The MicroMist Scrubber technology is ideally suited for stringent ammonia and PM emissions regulations from urea granulators and prilling towers in the fertilizer industry.

Commercial/Industrial Solid Waste Incinerators (CISWI)
With over 100 MicroMist Scrubbers in operation globally, we have unparalleled success in meeting the worlds most stringent emission standards. We look forward to the opportunity to get your CISWI incinerator into compliance.

EnviroCare Mercury Scrubbing
EnviroCare International can now offer elemental mercury scrubbing for the Sewage Sludge Incineration market.  Using new materials developed by W.L. Gore and Associates, EnviroCare International can provide mercury guarantees inside existing and new VenturiPak Scrubbers as well as qualifying older scrubber technologies.   - See More Here

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