Advanced Venturi Wet Scrubber

Not all Venturi Scrubbers are Created Equal

The Venturi wet scrubber as a pollution control device has been around for well over 50 years and is primarily used to remove particulate matter from different processes. The traditional Venturi wet scrubber design has not changed much during this time. The basic concept is to atomize liquid in a Venturi to capture PM. A separator device is then used to separate the entrained particulate laden water droplets from the gas stream prior to discharge out of the stack. As emission standards become more stringent and the affects of PM2.5 on human health are better understood, traditional Venturi scrubbers may no longer be able to perform adequately without enormous amounts of  energy.

The MicroMist Scrubber developed by EnviroCare utilizes the same basic principles developed many years ago but enhances the performance by addressing the basic design flaws. In the MicroMist Scrubber, performance is optimized by the sequence of scrubbing ‘events’ using different stages within the vessel. This sequencing of ‘events’ in combination with using multiple, ‘true’ Venturi tubes provides unparalleled performance at a fraction of the energy. The MicroMist Scrubber excels at scrubbing submicron PM, PM2.5, and PM10 at a fraction of the energy of traditional Venturi scrubbers. If your existing wet scrubber is not up to the emissions challenge, an EnviroCare MicroMist Scrubber retrofit may be the answer for you. We can easily retrofit your existing scrubber, reduce the overall differential pressure, and improve your stack emissions. We can now add elemental mercury removal from our wet scrubber providing a true ‘all in one’ wet scrubbing vessel.